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Sinhala Desktop Beta
Sinhala Desktop Development Stage - Beta Version 0.01 Released !

Unicode Keyboard Driver
Sinhala Desktop Unicode Keyboard Driver Beta Version 0.01 Released !

Welcome to Sinhala Desktop

About Sinhala Desktop

Sinhala Desktop is a freeware Sinhala Windows Shell Replacement. Aim of this project is to develop all the major Windows applications and utilities in Sinhala Language. All the Sinhala Desktop applications and utilities are distributed using GNU - General Publics License.

General Sinhala Desktop properties

All the Sinhala Desktop applications & utilities have following general features (if it is in an executable format),

  • Most of the applications & utilities are compatible with Unicode standard.
  • All the Applications & utilities are working on Windows NT platform only. (Such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, etc)
  • Every release have Installer / Uninstaller facilities.
  • All the Sinhala Desktop versions use its, own type of skins. (These skins are bundled with every major Sinhala Desktop file release)

To install the Sinhala Desktop in a target computer, user need to install following software and hardware components in his / her computer,

  • Sinhala Unicode keyboard driver and few Unicode compatible fonts. (dual type font sets are highly recommended)
  • Sinhala Keyboard (optional) - SLS1134:2001 Layout is recommended.
  • DirectX 7 or newer version. (Direct Media 6.0 or newer version is also required.)
  • Windows NT compatible operating system. (Windows NT 4.0 is not recommended)
  • Basic multimedia devices. (such as sound adapter, DirectX 7 compatible graphic system, CD driver.) Logo

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